Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Messi vs Ronaldo

Messi comes with a complete package for a centre forward. Hes quick, and is able to move past/around defenders without using funky moves. Though the little magician slipped a few times in set pieces and in front of Petr Cech, theres much good to cancel that bad. His shot accuracy figures without set pieces have always been impressive.
My vote goes to Ronaldo also because, he has shown a lot of consistency this season. He has become a more stable player over the last few months with Real Madrid, and washed all his sins away of misses in Euro 2012 by getting Portugal beyond the group of death. This might eventually also get Portugal to semis to face most favorited team Spain.
In the end, its pretty hard to decide which one is better. That is why we got a good jury for Ballon d'or

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